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Terms and Conditions

Photo ID is required for all passengers and a travelling passport is required on all International flights and most countries require a valid entry visa.

Airport Check-in commences 2 hours and closes (stoppage of passenger acceptance) 30 minutes prior to scheduled departure time on all Air Peace flights.
Internet Check-in commences 48 hours and closes 2 hours prior to scheduled departure time on all Air peace flights.
The Boarding Gate closes (stoppage of passenger acceptance) 15 minutes prior to scheduled departure time on all Air peace flights.
Passengers who present themselves after Check-in and Gate closure times will not be permitted to board the flight. They also shall not be entitled to a free transfer or free modification while refunds will be entertained on a fortnightly basis for non promotional tickets.

All fees charged are in accordance with the tariff rules in the country of sale.

Air Peace allows passengers to check-in up to 40kg of luggage in Business Class and 20kg of luggage in Economy Class.
Children are entitled to Adult allowance in any of the class while Infants are entitled to a maximum of 10kg of checked-in luggage in Economy class then up to 15kg of checked-in luggage in Business Class.
Baggage in excess of the specified weight is subject to a fee of ₦500.00 per kilogram to be paid at the Airport.

Each passenger, that is not an infant, is allowed to carry only one piece of hand luggage weighing not more than 6kg in Economy class and 10kg in Business class with size not exceeding 45x33x20 cm in addition to a carry-on purse or handbag or Laptop.

Excess baggage is charged at ₦500.00 per kilogram.

All passengers must ensure baggages are locked with names and addresses placed outside and inside of baggage.

Valuables as well as medicine should be carried with passengers on board.

Pregnant women are required to present a medical report certifying them fit to fly while pregnancy carriage limit on Air Peace flights is 28 weeks.

Infants pay 10% of the adult ticket fare in all classes.

We have unfortunately seen instances of children being booked as infants. Consequently, you may be asked to prove the age of your infant and if it’s not satisfactorily proven, boarding will not be allowed.

Passengers are required to cancel reservations whenever there is a change of plans as failure to do so may result in cancellation of the return Journey.

Air Peace Limited assumes no liability for fragile, undeclared valuables or perishable items, including camera, cash and jewelry.

Full fare Paid Tickets are valid for 1 year but is subject to modification fees if booked flights are not cancelled before date of departure.

All voluntary ticket refund requests will be honoured less 25% of the original ticket fare.

Refunds for tickets are subject to Air Peace Limited's policy with a minimum waiting period of 2 weeks unless there is a flight cancellation at time of travel.

The destination, flight dates and times are changeable up to 2 hours before schedule departure upon payment of a modification fee and any difference in fare at the time the change is made. If the available fare is lower on the new flight, no refund will be made.


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